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MechanixEdge ASE A1-A9 Test Preparation Cars & Light Truck
MechanixEdge A-Series ASE Test Prep Study Guides Box Cover - Sunburst Supercar
New Features
-Auto-Run Functionality with Adjustable Timer pushes your learning curve and test preparation to new heights. This function is optional and may be disabled.
-Dual Progression Bars show your current score and progression throughout the testing procedure. Advanced scorekeeping to keep track of your progress to the end.
-Randomizing and Shuffling to newly freshen your test prep. MechanixEdge training courses deliver professional and custom multi-function testing for anyone preparing for ASE tests.
-Detailed Technical Explanations give you the necessary information to know why your answer was correct or incorrect. Learn the hows and the whys from each test.
-Classroom-Ready Testing Program offers superior programming to get your students pumped and excited about taking their automotive tests.
-Test Preparation Guide included to further maximize your preparation level. Find out the best methods and procedures for taking tests and how to be better prepared for certification tests.
-Fully Printable Screens and Test Results give you organization to keep track of your past records and progress. Export testing results to Excel or Notepad with the click of a button.

More Benefits
The MechanixEdge ASE A1-A9 test prep disc covers the entire cars and light truck series tests. You can break down the testing course into separate categories for a full test simulation or choose which category you want to study for, and break it down further to your own preferences.

This is the standard of testing programs and an invaluable study tool for the ASE certification tests. The study guide and testing simulation is a must-have for any technicians trying to pass ASE tests and will also come in handy for future testing. The program does not expire and can be used anytime automotive test preparation is needed.

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There will be detailed instructions explaining how to use this software upon opening the disc. No computer experience is necessary. Click the Order Now button below to get started.

 Customer Feedback  
"i bought the remaining sets by mechanix edge as i have used their truck and auto dvds for recertifications and plan on using the rest of the series to eventually be certified across the board for work. i am very pleased with the study guides i have bought. they allow for time limits or no limits and various amounts of questions. cheaper than the monopoly brand who is assoc with the tests too."

George G

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Includes the complete A1-A9, T1-T8 and B2-B6 test prep and training courses.
A1-A9 Cars/Light Truck
Test Prep Study Course
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ASE Test Prep Courses Included:
Engine Repair
A2 Auto Transmission/Transaxle
A3 Manual Drive Train & Axles
A4 Suspension & Steering
A5 Brakes

A6 Electrical/Electronic Systems
A7 Heating & Air Conditioning
A8 Engine Performance
A9 Light Vehicle Diesel Engines

Product Details:
Disc Type: CD-ROM
Box/Cover: Exotica Dreams
Language: English
Program: Testing Simulation
Compatibility: Windows/Mac/Linux
Dimensions: 7 1/2" Height x 5 1/4" Width x 1/2" Depth


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Certified technicians in the mechanical field are in high demand even through tough economies. The amount of certifications a technician holds will often determine his or her pay scale and/or salary. Holding ASE certifications also show incentive to excel in your career. It is essential to prepare for your ASE certification in advance of taking the tests. The tests offered on this site are affordable, thorough and proven to be a helpful source for ASE test preparation.

MechanixEdge is not affiliated with, nor endorsed by, the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), nor any other government or private agencies including institutions that administer ASE tests. There is no guarantee for passing any test using this study guide material, or any other tools providing test preparation. Results vary depending on the user's mechanical ability, knowledge and/or experience.

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